Rules & Regulation

Rules & Regulation

The entry point of the school is class Nursery. Application for admission is made to the head of the institution. Applications for classes other than class Nursery are considered only if seats are available.
Pupils whose conduct is incompatible with the discipline of the school (e.g. : theft, cheating during exams, misbehavior, etc) are liable to be dismissed.
Pupils whose parents / guardians show scant concern for their overall development will be asked to withdraw from the school.
The school is empowered to request the withdrawal of a pupil, or to remove the name of a pupil from the rolls of the school, if the application and progress of such a pupil is, in the opinion of the school, unsatisfactory. The head of the institution is empowered to request the withdrawal of a pupil without assigning any reason, or to remove the name of a pupil from the school if, in the opinion of the head of the institution, is considered to be necessary.
Transfer Certificates of students who have withdrawn will not be issued until all dues to the school are paid. A child remaining absent for continuous 6 months or fees remained unclear for continuous 6 months is liable to get his / her name struck off from school register. The child may be considered only after re-admission.
In case of withdrawal in the midsession, full yearly payment should be cleared before claiming T.C and security deposit.

Progress Reports in both Primary and Secondary sections, keep the parents informed of the performance of their children. Parents are particularly expected to sign the Progress Report when so requested and to return the same to the school in good condition. Failure to do so may put their children to great inconvenience. The Report Card must be returned in good condition on the very next working day.

Assessment of a pupil's learning outcome is made through the terminal tests. The teacher, after evaluating the answer scripts of the terminal tests, hands it over to the pupils. The correct answer scripts are taken home by the pupils.

Promotion depends on the child's performance throughout the year in the terminal examinations and not merely on marks scored in the final examination.
A students who fails in two consecutive years in the same class will have to be withdrawn from the school. A student will only be promoted on medical ground if he/she has obtained pass marks in other terminal exams.
For Class V-X: Report cards of 1st, 2nd term exam will be handed over only to guardians.
PASS MARKS Class I-X - 40%
Class I-IX : Promotion is not granted to students
(a) A student obtaining less than 40% in three subjects will be detained.
(b) A student obtaining less than 25% in two subjects.
(c) Who gets less than 40% in the aggregate, those who adopt unfair means in any test will be detained and will get ZERO marks in that subject. In the matter of examination and promotion, the decision of the school is final.
Answer scripts of the final examinations will not be opened to inspection for the parents/guardians.

5.Time schedule of exam :
1st & 2nd term (50 marks) :
IV, V & VI - 1 hour 10 minutes
VII,VIII,IX & X - 1 hour 30 minutes
Annual exam (100 marks) :
IV,V & VI - 2 hours 30 minutes
VII,VIII,IX & X - 3 hours
There will be unit test in all the subjects before 1st term & 2nd term which will be out of 10. Terminal exam will be out of 40. No retest will be taken for any exam including computer practical.

A computer course is offered from Class V to IX. No retest will be taken for any exam including computer practical.

Students are forbidden to take tuitions from their own teachers, be they class or subject teachers.

Absence, unless truly excusable and proved so, is strongly objected to. A regular absentee may not be allowed to sit for the ensuing test. Attendance requirement for all classes (Nursery to XII) is above 75% to entitle a student to sit for the term/final examinations. Parents must not send a sick child to school, not even for tests. Presence for the celebration of national days like Independence Day, is obligatory.
Student failing to take report cards within stipulated time will be debarred from sitting in the following exam.

Students must be punctual in attending their classes. Parents / Guardians are requested to extend their full cooperation to the school authorities in ensuring punctuality of their wards.

Students should maintain silence in the class while changing classes, students must move in perfect lines.
Fighting or any form of physical violence, bullying or use of bad language is strictly prohibited and will result in stern disciplinary action.
During the absence of a teacher from class, pupils must obey the Prefect / Monitor appointed to maintain good order.
Students who are detected in giving or obtaining, or attempting to give to obtain unfair assistance, or who are otherwise detected in any dishonesty whatsoever during an examination or test are liable to have their result in the examinations as a whole cancelled and the child will not be granted promotion at the end of the academic year. He/She may be asked to leave the school.
Students should not carry mobile phones and other expensive electronic gadgets with them and if found, will be confiscated & a fine of Rs. 2000/- will have to be paid for it. If the students fails to pay the fine. The same amount will be deducted from security deposit.
Students are subject to school discipline not only in the school premises, but also while coming from and returning home, and at all public places. If a student leaves school in the middle of the session whole years fees must be paid only then transfer certificate to be issued.

1. Students are forbidden to wear fancy jewellery including ear rings and nose studs, mehendi and nail polish.
2. Wearing bangles are not allowed except for sikhs.
3. Wearing of wrist watch is forbidden upto class VIII. Disciplinary action may be taken against students who do not follow the above rules.
4. Students failing to attend practical exam of the computer, G.K., Drawing during terminal exam will be marked absent.
5. Students suffering from infections disease will be immediately sent back home even during the time of examination.

(a) Students must take proper care of their books and other personal belongings. The school in no way holds responsibility for the loss of any of their articles.
(b) They must take special care of all school properties. Damage caused to school property will be punished with a fine.
(c) Writing on the wall or on desks should be strictly avoided by all means. Offenders must pay adequate compensation for damage caused to any property of the school. Each class will be responsible for looking after their class property. Any breakages, defacements, etc. will be charged to the child / class as the case may be.

(a) Parents must let the school authorities know about their child's ill health / physical handicap I chronic aliment, if any.
(b) Any act that is unbecoming of a student may lead to expulsion from the institution.